Bunker - Gary Goldstein.  design: Tal Solomon Vardy



New book.
Limited Edition: 300 copies
180 pages

Design: Tal Solomon Vardy

140 NIS
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Bunker - Gary Goldstein.  design: Tal Solomon Vardy
Bunker - Gary Goldstein.  design: Tal Solomon Vardy

At 18 years of age, I left home. My desire. My intention was to flee and save myself from my parents. I grew up in a home with two people filled with trauma and horrible memories.

At 73, thousands of miles and continents from my childhood home, I find myself locked in a small room. A bunker with my parents. My father spoke very little. Actually, not at all about his experiences in the war. Yet, in any interaction, any question, I could see the looks of horror on his face. In his eyes.

This sketchbook, the images, the prose poem deal with the feelings and memories of those feelings. From then and now.

BUNKER is a recreation of the original sketchbook, lovingly and meticulously scanned, designed and reproduced by Tal Solomon Vardy in an inspiring act of love and generosity.

Gary Goldstein's Sketchbook

Gary Goldstein's Sketchbook

All rights reserved © Gary Goldstein

Design and Development: Tal Solomon Vardy